How long does it take to be a home health aide?

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03 Oct 2019

How long does it take to be a home health aide?

Where ever you decide to acquire your HHA training you will only take approximately 1 – 6 weeks to complete it. You only need to set apart this amount of time, then soon enough you will be on your way to begin your home health aide career.

There are very minimal requirements to become a home health aide, which is why most people prefer the online learning route when joining the medical industry. However, that is not the only reason. As mentioned earlier in this article, demand for HHAs has steadily grown in the last few years making this to be one of the fastest jobs in the market with a high number of job openings.

Now that we have explained what a HHA is and how you can become one, here is a breakdown of the actual basics necessary to be a HHA and how long each component takes.​


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