What are the general qualifications to be a home health aide?

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03 Oct 2019

What are the general qualifications to be a home health aide?

* To be eligible to work as a HHA:

* You will have to be a US citizen or have eligibility to work in the US.
* You may need HHA certification before being employed depending on the agency. 
* You will have to fill an application form alongside other information such as proof of education, other skills you have, references, work * experience if any, or any other relevant information. 
* Age – normally there are no age limitations but you will need to be at least 18 years and above.
* Driver’s license is usually required because driving the client may be one of your duties as a HHA.
* Regarding the education level, most employers only need at least for you to have reached High school level.
* Training – should be in line with employers requirements.
* Exam – normally you will be required to pass the HHA competency test.
* Little to no experience is required.
* You will need proof of health immunizations, particularly immunization against TB
* Background checks are usually required. In relation to this, fingerprints are normally required too. 
* Sometimes, your photo ID will be needed. 


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