Nursing Certifications Online Reviews​

Nursing Certifications Online Review

In March of 2010 we started asking our clients for their opinions and feedback on their completed online course. Here is what people just like you have to say:

I actually had an great experience. I learned many new things that I didn’t know and I actually took the go at your own pace as a good idea. I had no complaints I’ve learned everything I needed to know to get me started thank you so much.
I’m most surprised at how you gave great details on everything i needed to know!

Celena Wynter

I am living in Florida. My experience with this course has been a little different than expected.
A good portion of the information in this course has been common sense knowledge, but there has also been a lot of information that will be helpful in the future. I am very pleased with the new concepts I have learned while completeling the course. I have already started using some of the practices explained during the course, and I look forward to becoming a better home health aide when I begin.

Samantha Brown

I was my great opportunity to take online course. I was surprised to know that we can do online HHA training which is more affordable and convenient. I enjoyed reading all materials required for the course and some interesting youtube videos. Thanks a lot for the developer of this course. I did not have a hard time, because I had being doing a PCA job since 5 years. I definitely recommend this course to my friends who wants to be HHA. Thank you

Menuka Rizal

Excellent I Love this website! The questions are easy to understand and everything is organized. I love it thank you very much!

Nurys Constanzo

My experience was amazing the videos were amazing I was able to really grasp the concept more and it was better to actually see a video. I enjoyed the information, I was able to take amazing notes and I really learned a lot. The practice tests were also good I was able to practice before I took the test which was amazing because I was able to study more and I was able to see how i would have done on a test so I really enjoyed the practice tests. There was nothing I could say that I disliked because I had an amazing experience.

Amaris Williams

I am from a foreign country and now I live in florida. I have found a great opportunity in this course. I studied nursing in my country and I worked 4 years ago. Now I am looking for how to insert myself in this service here in the USA. This course has seemed interesting to me and updated. This is very much in line with my interests and I hope to start working soon with this online experience. Take all the material and print it and study the whole content all night. I am excited with the idea of rescuing my vocation again in this country and being able to offer my help to patients and I intend to continue studying for my overcoming as a registered nurse in the future. I have really loved the knowledge that the course transmits in its entirety.

Evis I Cruz

My experience during this online course was a very informative one. The information was clear and easy to understand. The modules were not confusing at all. The information was all vital and nothing extra. I enjoyed being able to work on my own time at my own pace. I was comfortable and confident while taking all exams because I feel the modules properly prepared me for them. The exams were not lengthy and drawn out. It was easy to interpret the questions and answer the questions.

Chelsea Nicole Brown

I am very happy I took this cours it has made me better understand the area were I work. Thank you very much. Really happy with my new job.

Daniel Cabrera

I had a positive experience with this course. I just wish they have a customer service phone number.

Sandy Llanes

My experience with this course was really good. I enjoyed learning all about the career I want to pursue. I love that I will be able to help people that are disabled or chronically ill. I learned about the responsibilities of a professional who pursues the career. This career is a big and valuable part of any health care team, by taking this course I will be able to help those who are in need. I know that I will like my future job. And most importantly I will help the people who are I need for the assistance that I will be able to provide after taking the course.

Litz La O Lamadrid

This course was presented in informal and useful way. I did learn a lot of from this course, and gain knowledge which I is going be so helpful and useful to perform the best my duty as HHA. Also, online course is help me save a lot of time.

Bohdan Halchak

I was very pleased with this course and how easily accessible the information was made to learn and brush up on my skills.

John B Williams

I had a wonderful experience, every section was very informative, I have learned a lot of new things that I had no idea about before hand. I would recommend this to everyone that wants to be an Hha.

Diamond Young

I live in Florida, and I really liked the content taught in this course. I think  about the importance of to learn of HHA and I decided to start it without knowing how interesting it would be.I am working in an institution for the elderly and for me it was positive experience. the knowledge imparted is good and helped me to understand many new things about working with patients.getting  my certificate  will make me better at my job and economically.The content of the program in general is excellent and my surprise was to have found them online for such an innovative purpose to give people the opportunity to acquire this knowledge and can do a good work  in general with it.

Silvia Elena Gonsalez

I loved this course, I learned a lot about the importance of taking care of the people who are in need. By taking this course I will be able to participate in a great team. Where I will be able to take care of those who mostly need my help. I learned about the responsibilities for taking care of patients who are suffering from chronic illnesses or disabilities for example the elderly. With this course I will be able to work in entry level positions as a home health aide, which will help me develop even more my speech and help my community.

Yunetsy Morales

My name is Lidiya. I am from Western New York. Original my occupation is an Optician, but as I like to help older people, what I do for many years. I needed a certificate of HHA to continue my caregiver job. I was very satisfied with you program. I found the information in this course to be very helpful and knowledgeable. Thank you, Lidiya.

Lidiya Tumash

I liked that I could do it at my own pace.

Michelle Ayala

I found this course is so informative, and I confident to provide the best my skills for my patient. That was really convenient way to obtain HHA certification. I learn a lot.

Elvira Bickett

I am really happy I took this course It has made me better understand what I work for and showed me different and new ways I can use to help .Thank you Very much

Allisa E Lewis

I live in Kansas. Some things have changed in the medical field. So getting a refresher course in updated information was a good thing..

Christina Frizzell

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