Nursing Certifications Online Reviews​

Nursing Certifications Online Review

In March of 2010 we started asking our clients for their opinions and feedback on their completed online course. Here is what people just like you have to say:

It was very productive and interesting and I liked it. It is motivating to be able to see the videos and do the test online, when working or just on the go. It helped me.I live in Florida, Fort Myers

Silvia Beatriz Izquierdo

Hailing from Florida, I found the ease of the website favorable. I can’t honestly say I disliked any thing about the course. I was a bit surprised at the difficulty of some questions. It was an extremely in-depth course. I would definitely recommend it to others who are interested in a career in the HHA field.

Diane DiServio

It has been a good experience, I understood all the content and it is explained in a clear way. I live in Florida.

Jaqueline Gonzalez

This is a very good online course to take I would highly recommend it to others I live in Tampa fl the course was easy to comprehend.

Rokiera Miller

My experience was very helpful and I also processed all given information that was provided for me during this task. What I liked about this task was that I get to learn and practice every skill that was on this test and what I disliked was the True/false I would prefer to answer my questions through multiple choice. I live in the state of Florida, and I was surprised about explaining to seven questions, but overall I learned a lot throughout this whole process of the Home health Aide course.

Jaida Anderson

This is a very informative course. I thought it was very thorough. I live in Rhode Island

Rose A Severin

I liked how I was given the option to go straight to the test. I didn`t dislike anything!

Aniah Keara Jackson

I felt this course was informative and educational. I was able to brush up on old skills as well as learning a new skills. I reside in Lowell, Ma and have been a HHA for over 25 years. I throughly enjoy what I do everyday!

Tammy Jean Herring

I live in Massachusetts. My overall experience with you is good. I have no complaints, no dislikes about anything. Thank you.

Luis Omar Muniz Cardona

I like that there is no time limit to do the exam. It was convenient that I can do my class anytime.

Minierose Dandeneau

It was good I loved how everything was broke into sections, easy for me to learn and focus.

Makiyah Dames

It was really informative. I learned new skills.

Anessa Joachim

It was a great and unique learning experience taking my home health aid course with you.I am delighted with the scope of your coverage of important and diverse topics in basic skills that an aide ought to know.I liked the explanations because they were detailed and comprehensive.I also liked the videos because they were carefully selected and portrayed in practical terms what the explanations meant.It was a exciting course and one that built me intellectually in the field of health.I like the fact that throughout the course,the washing of hands was particularly stressed;I learn that it is effective for infection control.The course is rewarding.

Rashiemah Robinson
I must say this exam was a challenge for me. I really loved the fact that I could go back to the articles to find the answers that I was looking for. It took some time but I feel very confident about my test and I’m praying that I did do good and passed it, and I’m from Fort Pierce FL.

Francisco Collazo
I found the experience taking this exam pleasant. It allowed me the flexibility to study and take the exam around my work hours which was quite helpful. I think the practice exam helped me a great deal as it highlighted the more important things to keep in mind in the information packets. I am from Massachusetts.

Mark Benjamin Ngaruiya

It is a very easy course to navigate in. Very interesting information I learned in regards to, wheelchair transferring. I was very surprised about the care for the elderly. I live in the state of Florida.

Christan Qray

I really enjoyed learning with this course because it gave me the freedom to learn on my own time. I also really enjoyed the instructional videos that were provided because they allowed me to see how to properly perform all of the tasks. I was surprised at how detailed the information was in each of the lessons. I was also surprised at how easy it was to understand the course material. At first I was worried that it would be very difficult to learn how to perform all of the procedures. However, the step by step instructions along with the instructional videos, made learning the procedures quick and efficient. I live in New York State.

Dennis George Lysov

This is the best website I ever used. The content is super organizeed. All skills and video content is really easy to understand thank you.

Yanely Padilla

Very well organized course. Very easy to navigate. Learned a lot about the different regulations. Was surprised the most when reading HIV Chapter. I live in Florida.

Manuel Macia Rodriguez

My experience with your online course was great. I was mostly surprised that your program allowed a practice test and allowed it to be printed if need be.

Qaniqwa L. Redding

My experience gained through this course was very helpful in acquiring more knowledge commitment and care for our patients.

Carmen M Hernandez

Everything was very understandable and clear. Thank you.

Inga Wilkins

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