Nursing Certifications Online Reviews​

Nursing Certifications Online Review

In March of 2010 we started asking our clients for their opinions and feedback on their completed online course. Here is what people just like you have to say:

I greatly enjoyed my experience with this site. I live in Florida. As Florida is a very hectic state my greatest like of the site was that I was able to access it at anytime. It was very convenient. I was very surprised however that I did not receive any scores or emails regarding my module test that i took after certain lessons during the chapters. I did however love all the information the site provided which was my favorite part. Each module and chapter were very informative and what i did not understand from the readings were explained throughout the little videos during some of the lessons.

Kyla Sanchez

I was surprised at how easily I was able to comprehend the material given. That may be in part because the medical field has always held a certain fascination for me. I was also pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed this course. I can’t wait to put this valuable information to work.
Thank you for helping me get my start as a healthcare professional.
I live in the state of California.

Raphael Nunez

I found this course to be very beneficial and informative. I appreciated the concise format that information was delivered in. The chapter headings made it easy to review any material I found difficult. The descriptive writing made it easy to visualize and understand the proper procedures necessary to work as a professional HHA.I feel comfortable that I can complete duties with confidence.

Jay Ronald Krech

I was a CNA for many years and wanted to get back in to helping others as a second job but was unable to take classes due to my first job so I enjoy the convenience of taking an online course. I live in Florida.

Jennifer Fike

The learning experience was simple and each section had very easy to understand text and video support. I was very happy with the entire program. I live in the state of Florida and once again I was surprised how easy it was to learn the required skills of an HHA.

Joseph F. Conti

My experience was very good with you. This info helped me learn and refresh some information.

Luisa Gabriela Rodriguez

This online course has a lot of valuable information on patient care. The videos that were in some of the lessons were very helpful for us visual learners. Having the ability to see how a lesson looks when done on a patient is helpful. Being able to study at my own pace is something I really enjoy doing. It is nice to be able to study online whenever I have time to study. I was surprised at how fast I could get started with the online lessons. Reading the online courses was easier than I thought it would be. I was also surprised at how much information, I have had experience with.

Lorenzi Nunez

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