Nursing Certifications Online Reviews​

Nursing Certifications Online Review

In March of 2010 we started asking our clients for their opinions and feedback on their completed online course. Here is what people just like you have to say:

Great experience. Wish I had found this online course sooner. Definitely will recommend.

Jose E Colon

I have wanted to take this course. My job used to offer it, but when I felt able enough to take it. It was no longer available. This experience has refreshed my skills . I always like to make sure I am doing things as requested of me. I live in panhandle of fl. the northwest region in Crestview. I was surprised to take the practice test of 60 questions and did good. With out studying, I wanted to see how much I knew. I only got & wrong. Now I know why I got them wrong as well as studied to insure not to miss them again.I was told about this course through a new job inquiry. I did not know this was offered online. Before I though we had to travel to a state specified location, like Tallahassee. Which is a few hours away from me. I hope to learn as much as I can as a CNA/HHA and become certified in home health as an aide. I work for a hospice non for profit organization now. the knowledge I thought I had before this job was nothing compared to the 6 1/2 yrs being with hospice. I want to be well versatile in my job field as much as I can be. This course offers so much information to anyone willing to learn. I did not know there was a difference in universal precautions ver standard precautions. I learned that universal precautions used to be the rules to go by until they realized it did not include all some body fluids and mucous membranes. The CDC then renamed it to include everything and become Standard Precautions.

Sindel Su Dubois

This course was a great learning experience, each topic was covered to the fullest.I loved the fact that the topics wasn’t to long but gave you just what you needed to know.

Chasity Celisse Shepard

The course was very inclusive and went into fine detail.

Natalie Marie Wilhelm

The experience very satisfactory, I like everything related to health and help people, I live in Florida.

Argia D Urquiloa

I live in the state of Florida. In my opinion the course is excellent. Really well put together, it gives the student up to date information on how to take good care of a patient; regardless of a health condition. Which was exactly my goal at the beginning of the course. One thing that can be added is if depending on age, if the way to treat a patient would change. I liked how they gave step by step procedures on how to complete a certain task. I was surprised by the different ways that domestic violence can harm an individual- it goes beyond physical pain, it can even leave an emotional scar.

Francys Lorena Rodriguez Lopez

It was very informative, definitely will help me to go on to be employed as a caregiver, it helped me knowing what to expect in daily practice and to have a better relationship with my clients. I live in the state of Florida.

Donna Savery

My name is Isabel Rosabal Lago. I live in Tampa, Florida. First I want to thank for allowing this course at an affordable price. I found the course looking online and the price of the course was what first caught my attention. It is a very good course that allows people who do not know about the subject to acquire knowledge, and people who know the subject to consolidate our knowledge. I will definitely recommend this course to the people I know. The videos they have at the end of each topic are very good because they help to understand more of what is being talked about. Thank you.

Isabel Rosabal Lago

I feel the course was very helpful and answered alot of my questions. I live in north fort myers florida.

Catherine Garcia

Very quick and easy to make it through!

Jillian Paige Havekost

Im excited, ,when I saw this course I thought about the importance of obtaining the certificate of HHA and I decided to start it without knowing how interesting it would be. I live in florida and I am a HHA in an institution for the elderly and for me it was a very positive experience. The knowledge imparted is good and helped me to understand many new things about working with patients. The content of the program in general is excellent and my surprise was to have found them online for such an innovative purpose to give people the opportunity to acquire this knowledge and can do a good job.

Lazara Munoz Rodriguez

I liked that I also learned things that I did not know. It was interesting to read on different procedures and skill sets that I will need for future jobs. overall I thought this program was very educational and I would recommend this program to all of my future coworkers because I thought the process was easy and informal.

Bernice Hunt

I Absolutely loved this program!

Daquesha Mojeh McCluster

Great course and great information…..thank you!

Maritsa DeJesus

My experience was good. It exposed me to a lot of health precautions and more about the field. Thanks for the knowledge! I will recommend friends go through this. I reside in Ohio.

Kenfrancis Uzodinma

I enjoyed the test not being very long. I live in Florida. I wasnt surprised about anything.

Tristen Batts

It was good and very easy. I didn’t have trouble navigating through the system. This was very convenient and it worked with my busy schedule. I live in Florida. I did not feel any pressure of others being with me or rushing me to finish. I did experience some delay on my response to the quizzes that I took but once I spoke to some everything was fine.

Stacey Stallworth

I am from Florida. I liked the detailed information written on each topic. It was very precise, a good review for me since I had been working in an assisted living facility. I learned some new things. I never had any schooling before. The videos helped tremendously. I feel more confident about doing this work. More importantly it has given me skills the needed to care for and communicate well with the people I look forward to working with. It has increased my confidence and I feel happy about taking this course. I thank you all for this opportunity. The course was convenient for me since I work. I will definitely recommend it to others. Very well done!

Susan Lynn Wong

It was a good experience with clear sections and easily understood.

Delree Graham

The first thing that attracted me to the course was the price, I was looking for a course like this, a course that I could pass quickly and at the same time allow me to consolidate my knowledge. The course is designed so that all people can expand their knowledge. The use of videos in this course helps to understand everything that is explained. I would like to continue doing courses like this and at this price. I want to thank all those who have made this course possible.

Maria I Santiago Lopez

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