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Our Mission

"Quality defines excellence," and we strive to deliver it through our course modules by keeping them up-to-date and easily accessible. We aspire to produce high-quality nursing candidates who have a general understanding of all the required nursing skills and an innovative approach of learning that is on your schedule.

Our Courses

CNA Online Course
Price:$119.99 Our CNA course will educate you on all 24 required nursing skills. Familiarize yourself with all nursing safety procedures to assist clients with ADL’s and maintain a healthy/safe environment.
PCA Online Course
Price:$49.99 Our PCA course will familiarize you with all 17 required nursing skills. This course focuses more on one-on-one personal therapeutic methods to improve your clients overall quality of life.
HHA Online Course
Price:$99.99 Our HHA course will prepare you to work in clients homes and assist them with their activities of daily living. Learn to provide and encourage independent behaviors all while maintaining a safe and healthy living environment for your clients.
CPR & BFA Online Course
Learn CPR and BFA for free with all our Nursing Courses. Gain the confidence to face life-threatening situations with these life saving skills.

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