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Our mission is to deliver high-quality services at competitive prices to achieve full client satisfaction. Accordingly, our company undertakes routine upgrades of all its courses, and adopts the latest technology for the delivery of both the existing products and the new additions. Quality is the driving force behind us. Every system and process is tuned to deliver the best and optimal solution. Our company has an unflinching commitment to the best interests of each one of our students. We are dedicated to integrity by way of consistency, word and deed, and to forge a relationship of trust with our clients.

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CNA ONLINE COURSE: Price:$119.99

Fortunately we provide excellent training for those interested in pursuing this field. Some students worry that the quality of training will be inferior. This is simply not true. The main difference between traditional classroom instruction and taking CNA classes online is the method of communication. Instructors and students communicate via email, chat rooms, messenger, and phone.


Similar to our CNA course, our PCA online course covers more therapeutic methods that can improve the quality of life for a patient. By using simple methods and techniques you can greatly improve a patient’s attitude and overall feeling of independence while in a nursing home. This course will successfully prepare any individual who wishes to work on on one with a client in a nursing home setting.


This course of instruction, exclusive of supervised clinical experience, Our HHA Course follows the most recent Nursing Skills. A certificate of completion and a copy of the course curriculum are issued upon completion.

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